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Video 1: Keywords

Find out why choosing the right keywords can increase sales and send your book shooting up the charts

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Video 2: Product Description

Write the most compelling book descriptions possible and leave readers no choice but to hit 'buy' every time

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Video 3: Mailing List

Find out why the no. 1 tool in any savvy author's arsenal should be a healthy growing mailing list. This video will open your eyes

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David Moody books

"Iain Rob Wright has a solid background in marketing and sales, and just happens to write fine horror novels that sell by the bucketload. There are few people better placed to help new and experienced writers successfully navigate the minefield of independent publishing."

- David Moody, Author & Publisher

Adam Nevil author

"Iain is one of the gentleman Indie publishers. He's one of the good guys and is additionally equipped with the experience, knowledge and skill-sets that are essential to authors who go it alone, be they self-publishers, or traditionally published authors who are becoming hybrid-authors. I've always found Iain to be professional, generous and incredibly helpful. I could not have produced my first eBook without his help.

- Adam Nevill, Award-Winning Author

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