So if you haven’t heard already, the AZ of Self-Publishing online course is now free to join. Yep, I spent 8 months and thousands of dollars building it and then I just go and give it away for free. Crazy, right? Well, the truth is my mental health required I do so. Running an online course, and becoming a fulltime marketer, is not for me. I want to write books. It’s precarious relying on Amazon for so much of my income, but it was writing books that made me a success, and so I have to throw my trust into Amazon and hope that the future remains bright and stable. Whatever will be will be. If I stay true to myself, then I hope my readers stay with me in whatever way I need them to.

Seriously, am I insane?

The self-publishing course was a large undertaking, and originally I intended to follow the established model, requiring regular “course launches” following convoluted marketing campaigns and smarmy sales tactics. The more and more I got into that part of things, the more miserable I became, and the less time I had to write books for the readers who made me. God, I can’t tell you how much I hated having to sell a $600 course to poor, hard-working authors who are no different to me six years ago. The only difference is that back then, when I needed help, guys like J A Konrath didn’t charge me for the privalege of their knowledge. I am happy to give my knowledge away for free, so a couple of weeks ago I stopped to ask myself the question: “Why am I doing this?”

The answer was “Money”. Not money because I am greedy (although I admit money is pretty damn swell!), but because I live each day with the fear that Amazon will pull the rug out from beneath my writing career and that my books no longer make money. So much of my life is dependant on Amazon’s whims, which have been mostly reasonable and fair these last seven years to give them their due, but it only takes one bad decision to ruin me. That terrifies me. Even more now that I have two wonderful children who deserve the very best in life. I want money for them, truly. I have a big tv and a cool computer, so what else do I need for myself? Money is great, but I can’t earn it off the backs of my brother and sisters. I can’t. I won’t.

So I’m not going to. I will take good will as payment. Good Will is worth more than people realise. Good Will has gotten me far as a writer, proving that it isn’t true nice guys finish last. Being a nice guy has but me in front time and time again. I trust it will do so this time too.

The AZ of Self-Publishing Course is FREE!!!

Now that I have decided not to charge authors $600, I feel so much more positive and happy. It’s more in line with who I am and how I have conducted myself as an author for the last 7 years. I’m a giver, not a taker, and I have found that by giving, most return the favour and I end up with a net gain anyway. I fully expect the course to continue making me money, but it will now do so in a much nicer and organic way. Nobody is required to spend a penny in order to enjoy the course and that will not change. I won’t change my mind. The course is massive, like over 50 hours of HD tutorials massive, but it is 100% free for you to join. No strings attached whatsoever. You can pay me back in whichever ways you decide, whether that be the simple gesture of sharing one of my books online or using one of my affiliate links before you make a purchase on Amazon. You can pay me back without me ever having to take advantage of you, and I love that!

So, yes, what you’ve heard is true. The AZ of Self-Publishing is now free. Register your free account and get started. If it helps you that would be so cool, so please let me know how you get on.

Here’s the link, playas! AZ of Self-Publishing Full Course Sign Up Page

Good luck everyone. I hope you realise your dreams as I did

Love, Iain