Self-publishing online courses are all the rage

But this one is mine and I have put my heart and soul into it. This is the self-publishing online course created by an ordinary guy who used to sell phones for a living, but is now a bestselling “Indy” author who has been writing full time for almost 6 years. Self-publishing changed my life. And it can change yours (if it hasn’t already).

During the last 12 months I put a lot of effort into improving my skill set. I wanted a new website so I learned how to build one. I wanted to be less at the mercy of Amazon, so I learned how to build a healthy mailing list and create my won audience. I wanted to sell more books, so I learned how to advertise. For the last year I have learned learned learned, and it’s made me feel like a new man. I am Gandalf returned from the dead.

Some of the best learning I did was via online courses, which never failed to provide me the value I had paid for. It left me with very little doubt that the very best way to learn is to do so from those who know more than you do. We all need mentors to improve. We cannot summon knowledge out of thin air. Secondly, I learned that seeing someone do something via a desktop video recording kick ass. Nothing beats seeing someone do something themselves on screen for you to copy exactly.

So why have I started my own self-publishing online course?

It’s no secret to most people who know me that I have done a lot to help educate my fellow self-publishers. Whenever something has yielded me positive results I have shared thst data readily. My methods and ways of doing things are not closely guarded secrets. I am no miser, and regularly share my experiences through blog posts on my personal website – Likewise, I regularly receive requests for advice from other authors and I always do my very best to give helpful answers. But that’s starting to get pretty difficult. I have my own writing to be getting one with and a growing family taking up more and more of my time. I want to help, but I can’t always do so. My list of eager followers is growing while my free time is diminishing. The forecast is bleak.

Which is why this self-publishing online course is my way of helping every author who wants my advice

Joe Konrath taught me a lot when I started out, most of it through his terrific book, Newbie’s guide to publishing (required reading), and then later by taking me under his wing for a short while. It instilled in me an understanding that to succeed we must succeed together. Publishing has often been a hiarchial system where most of the power is controlled by a small few. Self-publishing, in contrast, is a supportive community where anyone can succeed. I want to add to that liberty, not detract from it or try to profit at the expense of my competition. Our strength as authors comes from our collective ability to make demands and protect ourselves. For the first time in history authors have leverage – and the power to wield it.

The A-Z of Self-Publishing online course contains just about everything I know (with new content due to keep on coming). It starts with the plotting and planning of your manuscript and goes right on through the technical process of building and creating ebook files, audiobooks, paperbacks, and more. Once you are all set up with a 1st-class product, it will then show you all of the ways you can promote your book and gain loyal fans. It ends with advanced techniques such as building your own website and advertising on Facebook, with plenty of insider knowledge and profitable tips throughout. It truly goes through the whole self-publishing process from A-Z. I hold nothing back – because I want other authors to succeed like I have. I am so monumentally blessed to pay all of my bills with writing that I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t pay it forward by helping other authors achieve the same goals. I am a big believer in Karma. Plenty of my success can be attributed to the fact that I have a reputation as a “nice guy”. That old saying that “nice guys finish last” is bullshit. I am proof of that. Try to find a single person who claims I have hurt them or screwed them over in some way. They do not exist.

The course is priced to help, not exploit

With the key philosophy of the self-publishing online course being to help authors make money, I have priced the course at a point where I can almost guarantee it will pay for itself (as the absolute minimum requirement). By putting in place all of the many many actionable tips contained within the course, it would be almost impossible for a student not to make the course fee back via improved sales, additional reviews, and mailing list subscribers. But that truly is just the minimum that I expect the course to return. For most authors I hope that it will launch their self-publishing career to new heights and move them ever closer to that dream of quitting their day job. It’s not fantasy to expect to attain that goal, I assure you. Making a living from self-publishing is very achievable but, like any business, it takes time, effort, and knowledge. What the A-Z of Self-Publishing online course will give to students is the latter in spades. The A-Z of Self-Publishing online course will ensure that its students know everything they need to know to succeed, so that the only thing holding them back is time and their own efforts (only the hard working will succeed and I offer no “magic-bullet” to success). Through my experience as a bestselling “Indy” author, I guide students from the very basics right through to the very advanced facets of building a self-publishing empire, putting them on a level playing field with all of the most successful authors currently active in the industry today.

But this website is not just about selling an online course. I also intend for it to become a free resource that anyone can use. Through regular blog posts from myself and guests, I hope to educate and share those striving to make a living in the tough, yet exciting world of self-publishing. So, if you have something to share that you feel would benefit others, get in touch and let me know. Likewise, please join the facebook group and start supporting your fellow wordsmiths. Let’s share all that we know so that no one can hold us down. I will be there, holding nothing back, so come see me and ask anything you like about writing or about the self-publishing online course.

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I wish you the world and everything in it.

Yours, truly

Iain Rob Wright
Bestselling “Indy” author and luckiest guy in the world.
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