Some people get sick of Social Media. I generally enjoy it, but I do find that it makes it harder for me to relax. My writing is a 9 to 5 job, but my ‘author’ job is 24 hours a day thanks to people in the USA contacting me at 11PM UK time and people in Germany messaging me right in the middle of dinner. It’s a lovely problem to have, I can tell you, but for some it can become hard to manage. Social Media makes it impossible for the modern, reader-centric author to shut off. For some authors it has been a big change. I started my career 6 years ago when Facebook was already looking for Volcano lairs and laser sharks to guard it. Veterans like Brian Keene, however, have had to watch the landscape of reader interaction change completely. Here are some of his recent thoughts about Social Media from his own blog.


The problem for entertainers is that Facebook no longer works unless you spend money. For each thing I post there, approximately 1,000 of my 11,000 followers see it — unless I spend money to boost the post into their feeds. Yes, spending money on advertising is a necessary evil, but the way Facebook’s algorithm works, if you have more than 10,000 followers, you basically have to spend money on each and every post. Which means you eventually end up spending more than you are making.

The other problem is the changing tone of social media. It’s one thing to interact with people and answer questions and have some fun. It’s another to have people shout abuse at you or to deal with that one entitled person who monopolizes all of your online time each and every day just because they follow you on the social media platform of their choice. Writers would get a lot more written if they didn’t have to Google things for people who apparently don’t know about Google, and most of us are really not interested in your thoughts on how your pet hamster, Freddy, has proof that vaccines are a conspiracy concocted by both Trump and Clinton.Brian Keene

You can read the rest of Brian’s Article here: Letters from the Labyrinth

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