While doing my daily browse of stuff to make me a better writer, I found this useful collection of 20 writing tips from 12 fiction authors. Some highlights include:

Tip 3: “Introduce your main characters and themes in the first third of your novel. If you are writing a plot-driven genre novel make sure all your major themes/plot elements are introduced in the first third, which you can call the introduction. Develop your themes and characters in your second third, the development. Resolve your themes, mysteries and so on in the final third, the resolution.”Michael Moorcock
Tip 9: “Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.”Anton Checkhov
Tip 17: “Remember: when people tell you something’s wrong or doesn’t work for them, they are almost always right. When they tell you exactly what they think is wrong and how to fix it, they are almost always wrong.”Neil Gaiman

To read all 20 writing tips from fiction authors, read the full article on iuniverse.

And before you go, here’s two of my own tips:

1. Search for all your words ending in ‘ly’ and ask yourself if you really need them.

2. Decide how your main character needs to change, then make that change happen over the course of the book.

Happy writing!

Iain Rob Wright
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